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FBI Director Comey’s Criminal Affiliations with the Clintons Explains Why He Is Lying to Congress?

  • FBI Director Comey’s Criminal Affiliations with the Clintons Explains Why He Is Lying to Congress
    by Dave Hodges,
    The noose around the neck of FBI’s James Comey career is tightening. It is amazing that he is still the Director of the FBI. The following contains a multitude of allegations against Comey and anyone of them should be grounds for removal from office followed by criminal prosecution.

    Comey and Obstruction of Justice
    Last fall, Fox News further confirmed that a  congressional source confirmed that the House Government Oversight Committee had received a heavily redacted FBI summary of Hillary Clinton’s session last month with FBI  agents who interviewed her about her use of a private server for government business. Heavily redacted? What right does Comey have to thumb his nose to a Congressional Inquiry by redacting evidence requested by Congress? Why would Comey do such a thing? The answer to that question can best be summed up as “Birds of a feather, flock together”. Or, perhaps, Ben Franklin put it more accurately:

    “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”
    Benjamin Franklin

    On the surface, Comey’s previous refusal to fully cooperate with Congress seems inexplicable at this point, unless you consider the character and lack of integrity of James Comey. If the Clintons are Bonnie and Clyde, then Comey is John Dillinger.

    Comey’s Skeletons Are Getting Exposed
    How does a man with absolutely no law enforcement experience become the head of the most modern crime fighting organization in the United States? The simple answer is, Comey is complicit in Hillary Clinton’s aerial criminality.

    While serving in the capacity of FBI Director, Comey has turned this organization into Hillary Clinton’s lap dog of personal protection and has helped her evade criminal prosecution.

    If Fox News is really after Clinton, then one would think that they would begin to impugn the integrity of James Comey and for the life of me, I cannot figure out why they have not, because for months since so much verifiable criminal evidence against Comey has surfaced, Fox News is continuing to ignore what is publicly available.. In fact, James Comey is committing perjury before Congress when he claims that Trump has no proof of Obama’s wiretapping against Trump. Comey knows that Trump is being accurate, and the evidence it omnipresent!

    This week, Judge Napolitano has been removed from Fox News for repeating the President’s allegation of wiretapping against Obama and his minions. There is no question that the wiretapping took place. First, and as Steve Quayle just told me in a soon-to-be-released interview, EVERYONE is illegally wirtapped. Yes, since at least the days of George W. Bush, every American is wiretapped on every form of communiation and I don’t care how you dress it up, it is a violation of the 4th Amendment and the illegal evidence gathered is sometimes boot-strapped into violating the 5th Amendment Due Process provisions of the Constitution.

    Therefore, just based on this fact alone, Napolitano and Trump are accurate in their allegations against Obama. But wait, there’s more. In the following short video, I detail how we know that President Trump is accurate in his wiretapping allegations. Here is a short interview I did with Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio in which he lays out the long criminal association between the Clintons and Comey which dates back to the 1990’s. Please not the background noise.  You are listening to an interview between two experienced talk show hosts. If we had heard the background noises that have been externally imposed on this interview, one, or both of us, would have stopped the interview and immediately called attention to it. In the same manner as my interview with Josh Coy, these noises were implanted AFTER the interview took place. This adds legitmacy to what Paul Preston is saying. The globalists do not want the public to know the long criminal history between the Clintons and James Comey because they would then understand why Comey is running from revealing the truth about the alleged wiretapping of Trump by Obama. The following interview is to be taken very seriously by the people, background noise notwithstanding, if one wants to understand the dot-connecting criminal cabal that permeates our government. One has to realize that the Deep State is alive and well in the FBI.

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