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Judge Pirro: ‘I Have Lost All Respect for the FBI Director, Comey Disgraced & Politicized the FBI!

  • Am I in love with Fox News? No. Fox News is playing the role of controlled opposition. In the war between Good vs Evil, God vs Satan, Truth vs Lies ; the truth must always be revealed. The sheeple are allowed to decide either to believe in the Lie or Truth. If the truth is hidden and the sheeple is unaware of it, is it defeated? Can it be defeated? Of course not. It is only when both Truth and Lie is revealed and the sheeple chooses the Lie, then clearly Truth is defeated.
  • This is what happened to Adam and Even, they chose to believe in the Lie of Satan despite knowing the Truth of God. Thus, effectively calling God a liar. Truth and God was defeated.
  • The Illuminist MSM do tell you the Truth but in their own perverse way. Every time they tell you the truth, they repeat the LIE 10x. Every station that tells you the Truth, 10x more stations will repeat the LIE. Remember: when you choose to believe in the LIEs of Satan, Truth and God is defeated. Your fate is sealed by your own choice because of your own freewill you chose the LIEs.


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