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Harvey Organ: “LISTEN CAREFULLY — I KNOW This About JPMorgan…”

  • Harvey Organ: “LISTEN CAREFULLY — I KNOW This About JPMorgan…”
    Gold & Silver Analyst Harvey Organ Joins the Show This Week For A FASCINATING Conversation:

    * These TWO Things Are Coming Together For Gold
    * Harvey Explains THIS Is When the Fun Begins
    * Dubin On the Coming Debt Ceiling Battle: It’s Gonna Blow People’s Minds
    * Harvey Provides An Update on the ABX & PHYSICAL Gold Demand in London: Is the System FINALLY Near A Tipping Point?
    * Will Gold, or SILVER Be the Catalyst That Takes Down the Banksters’ Paper Game?

    Physical Silver Update:
    Sales of US Mint Silver Coins remained subdued this week at 220,000 Silver Eagles, bringing year to date Silver Eagle sales to just 6,842,500 coins 2.5 months into the year.  (In 2016 the Mint sold nearly 6 million coins in January alone). 


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