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CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Has Profanity-Filled Meltdown Over Trump – “Bullsh*t – Bull💩 – Bullsh*t”

  • Warning: Foul Language!
  • Does this have anything to do with Trump’s drive to arrest Satanic pedophiles? The Synagogue of Satan controls/owns the MSM.
  • CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Goes on Profanity-Laced Trump Meltdown Live on Air! (VIDEO)
    by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria appeared on Don Lemon’s show to talk about Trump’s wiretap claim when he had an absolute meltdown. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, folks!

    Fareed Zakaria: “I think the President is somewhat indifferent to things that are true or false. He has spent his whole life bull sh*tting. He has succeeded by bull sh*tting. He has gotten into the Presidency by bull sh*tting. It’s very hard to tell someone at that point that bull sh*t doesn’t work because look at the results right?”

    Don Lemon didn’t know what to say! This wasn’t just one slip up, Zakaria went on and on! It’s really funny to see fake news CNN try to call out Trump as a liar. Conservative activist Mark Dice caught this rant on his YouTube channel (Language Warning).


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