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Donald Trump Works For Wall Street, Not Russia

True of false? You decide.

  • Donald Trump’s Treasury Dept is filled with Goldman Sucks swamp monsters, starting with Mnuchin. The Government Sucks Illuminist bank still has total control over the finances of America. It does not mean that Trump doesn’t want to MAGA. It simply means, even with his best intentions, the Illuminati still have their Goldman Sucks octopus round America’s throat. I do not trust G.Sucks alumni. G.Sucks and JP Morgue together constitutes the real power base, ie. the GMAN, the real government, not the performing politician snakes in the District of Criminals. The orders/instructions are from Wall Street.
  • Does that mean Trump is part of the Illuminati? I don’t think so. Many appointees will not be approved if Trump does not toe the Illuminati secret government line.
  • Donald Trump Works For Wall Street, Not Russia
    by Michael Krieger,
    The evidence is overwhelming and indisputable at this point. Donald Trump is a phony, who has given his administration over to Wall Street crooks even more enthusiastically than his predecessors, and his predecessors were very enthusiastic.

    I’ve written about this many times, and I warned throughout the campaign that my biggest fear was Trump is far too cozy with the finance industry, fake populist statements aside. His latest hire for the number two position at the Treasury Department once again proves the point.

    As David Dayen reports in his excellent article at The Intercept, Donald Trump Isn’t Even Pretending to Oppose Goldman Sachs Anymore:

    The continuity of Wall Street’s dominant role in American politics — regardless of what party sits in power or how reviled the financial industry finds itself across the country — was perhaps never more evident than when Jake Siewert, now a Goldman Sachs spokesperson, on Tuesday praised the selection of Jim Donovan, a Goldman Sachs managing director, for the No. 2 position in the Treasury Department under Steve Mnuchin, himself a former Goldman Sachs partner.

    America will never recover until this is dealt with, and Trump has made it perfectly clear he will not deal with it.

    read more.

LeMonde(France) headline: The European Freemasonry of Goldman Sachs! (15Nov2011)


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