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Hannity Nukes Maddow And NBC After Trump Tax Flop – Calls Them “Deep State Obama Propaganda” On A “Corporate Jihad”

  • This entire ‘Trump not revealing his tax returns’ is NOT News. It is FAKE News. Did Trump commit a crime? No! So why all the innuendos, conspiratorial suggestions of misdeeds? It is MSM propaganda. Trump has played them all along and they are too dumb to understand this. No crime, no impropriety has been committed by Trump. Total BS, Fake news by the liberal MSM.
  • Hannity Nukes Maddow And NBC After Trump Tax Flop – Calls Them “Deep State Obama Propaganda” On A “Corporate Jihad”
    by Tyler Durden,
    Rachel Maddow and NBC just gave an incredibly generous gift to Donald Trump; revealing Hillary Clinton and other democrats to have been grasping at straws in their repeated assertions that he pays no taxes, when in fact he paid $38 Million on $150 million of income in 2005 – a 25% tax rate (compared to Bernie Sanders’ 13.5% on over $200k of income in 2014).

    Not to mention, that kind of income from 12 years ago suggests he’s most likely a billionaire – another failed jab at Trump from camp Clinton. And let me get this straight – this “tax expert” and investigative journalist – David Cay Johnson (a former New York Times employee) found these two pages of Trump’s 2005 return in his mailbox, passed them to MSNBC and Maddow – who sat on them for several days before last night’s debacle… and nobody thought to run them past another tax expert? Perhaps a smart person who might have thought of a few angles like Tyler at ZeroHedge – who casually dropped the above tweet minutes after Maddow destroyed her career?

    Johnson kicked off his cigarette stained diatribe with the suggestion that it may have been Donald Trump who leaked the returns which he states “Came in the mail, over the transom.

    Sean Hannity devoted his opening monologue last night to MSNBC and Rachel Maddow’s debacle, segueing into what he called “NBC’s Corporate Jihad” against Donald Trump:

    They’re the leaders of this alt-left propaganda, “destroy Trump at all costs” media. And now releasing this 2005 tax return, it proves that they will do anything – spin any conspiracy, to destroy the Commander in Chief – including working with people clearly that have broken the law.

    Hannity then played a montage of egregiously biased MSM hit-pieces against then candidate Trump in an effort to smear him before the election.

    What Rachel Maddow did tonight…  …was a pathetic, conspiratorial attempt to smear the President.

    It was sort of like an SNL skit, but actually better. And with her trying to piece all these conspiracy pieces together, claiming in 2005 a Russian Oligarch knew that Trump was going to be the President in 2016, so he bought a property in Florida and Trump made a big profit…

    Let me get this straight… Russia knew in 2005 that Trump would be President in 2016… This is the Twilight Zone.

    NBC is not news. It is deep-state Obama propaganda television.

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