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Resurrecting Dead People Using Stem Cells Given The Green Light

  • Resurrecting Dead People Using Stem Cells Given The Green Light
    by Donna Bellevue,
    Scientists are getting ethical permission from health watchdogs to resurrect dead people by using a combination of regeneration therapies. Starting this year, the groundbreaking Project Reanima will primarily use stem cells to stimulate the regrowth of neurons in clinically dead patients. Bioquark Inc., an American biotech company, is one of medical companies given the green light to conduct the trials on 20 brain dead patients from traumatic injuries.

    Leading the team is Dr Himanshu Bansal, Indian specialist who works with Biotech companies Revita Life Sciences and Bioquark Inc,. The team will use a combination of therapies, which include injecting the brain with stem cells and a cocktail of peptides, as well as deploying lasers and nerve stimulation techniques. The procedure has been shown to bring patients out of comas.

    The resurrection technique using stem cells will test whether parts of the dead patients’ central nervous system can be brought back to life. Scientists believe that the brain stem cells may be able to erase their history and re-start life again based on their surrounding tissue. The process is similar to that in creatures like salamanders who can regrow entire limbs.

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