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MULTI-SPEED EU: Euro Leaders to Discuss Proposal ‘Some Nations Can Move Faster’ in Bloc

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  • MULTI-SPEED EU: Euro Leaders to Discuss Proposal ‘Some Nations Can Move Faster’ in Bloc
    EUROPEAN Union (EU) bosses are pushing an agenda in which some member states are favoured over others after Britain leaves the bloc, a new document has revealed.

    The draft declaration, to be discussed today at the EU Summit in Brussels, says the future of the bloc will see members working together to promote “the common good”. However, the draft says there must be an understanding some countries will move “closer, further and faster” in some areas.

    Put together by the European Commission, headed up by Jean-Claude Juncker, the final point of the two page document, says: “We will work together to promote the common good, on the understanding that some of us can move close, further and faster in some areas, keeping the door open to those who want to join later, and preserving the integrity of the single market, the Schengen area, and the EU as a whole.

    “An undivided and indivisible Union, which acts together whenever possible, at different paces and intensity whenever necessary.” The draft, to be adopted in Rome later this month after Theresa May triggers Article 50 to leave the bloc, backs up plans for a multi-speed Europe which leaders of four major European countries championed earlier this month.

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