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The Most Shocking Revelation from the CIA Spying Scandal

  • The CIA and NSA are western Illuminist intelligence agencies. They work hand in hand. The NSA is more of ‘the brains’, the CIA is more of ‘the legs’; the people doing the execution, the front men. For eg. developing the software to do the hacking would be under the NSA; using the hacking software to spy on people would be the CIA. In the occult world, it is the man in the shadows, the invisible people, who holds the power. The front man are just low level operatives. Who is in charge of the Beast ‘666’ Network, the Global Surveillance Militarized-Police State? No Such Agency.
  • The Most Shocking Revelation from the CIA Spying Scandal
    by Simon Black,
    It happened again– another spying scandal in the Land of the Free. Yesterday Wikileaks released 8,761 CIA documents detailing the agency’s hacking of smart phones, routers, computers, and even televisions.

    These files reveal that the CIA can and has hacked devices that were supposedly secure– iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The documents further reveal that the CIA is deliberately infecting personal computers with spyware, including Windows, Mac OS/X, Solaris, Linux, and other operating systems.

    They’re also hacking WiFi routers to deploy software that monitors Internet activity, and have even figured out how to bypass anti-virus software so that their spyware cannot be detected. They’ve also managed to make the rest of the world believe that Russian hackers, not the CIA, are behind all this malware and spyware. It’s like a restatement of that old Mission: Impossible line– “Should any of your IM force be caught or killed… we’ll blame Russia.”

    The CIA is pretty shameless about its activities, nicknaming its various hacking programs “Assassin”, “Medusa”, and “Brutal Kangaroo”. One of the deepest revelations is that the agency is able to hack Internet-connected televisions, including Samsung smart TVs, through a program called “Weeping Angel”.

    Basically the CIA can turn your TV into a listening device, recording conversations in the room and transmitting the audio to a CIA server. Even if you think the TV is off, it’s not. CIA hackers have been able to spoof the on/off display and set the television to a “false off” mode.

    Bottom line, no device that’s connected to the outside world is truly safe.

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