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Ex-FBI Official: Clintons Are a ‘Crime Family’. Who Should be Investigated for Illicit Ties to Russia? Trump or Clinton?

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June 2015 Whistleblower magazine front cover. Click on image to goto review by WND.

    A shockingly revealing look at the real Bill and Hillary Clinton
    Highlights of “AMERICA’S FIRST CRIME FAMILY” include:

    * “Something wicked this way comes – again” by David Kupelian, on why the Clintons need to be banished from America’s political landscape for good
    * “The Clinton crime family” by Joseph Farah, on how Bill and Hill escape punishment decade after decade
    * “‘I don’t believe Hillary’: Veteran newsman and Clinton admirer decries ‘stupid,’ ‘seedy’ scandals and serial lying” by Art Moore
    * “Hillary’s 22 biggest scandals,” a comprehensive look at Mrs. Clinton’s outrageous, immoral and illegal behavior
    * “Caught on video: Hillary didn’t ‘do email’ because of investigations”
    * “IN HER OWN WORDS” – A string of shockingly revealing quotes from Hillary Clinton
    * “Smoking gun! Hillary knew Benghazi attack was planned 10 days in advance” by Leo Hohmann, on defense memos that revealed al-Qaida terrorist plans “to kill as many Americans as possible”
    * “Rand Paul dubs Libya ‘Hillary’s war’”
    * “Kathleen Willey: ‘Scandal a day’ with Hillary White House run” by Art Moore, in which the sexual harassment victim o Bill Clinton says of Hillary: “She has only succeeded at riding the coattails of other men”
    * “Hillary goes left – the GOP needs to return right” by David Limbaugh, who says, “Republicans don’t have the luxury of playing games”
    * “Americans’ religious beliefs ‘have to be changed’” – a shocking declaration from Hillary Clinton
    * “Hillary’s millions from pro-pipeline firms” by Dick Morris, who documents how Hillary “happily picked up where Bill left off, totaling $10 million in speaking fees”
    * “Analyst’s probe implicates Hillary in foundation fraud” by Jerome R. Corsi, on evidence of “wanton transgressions” while she served as director
    * “Hillary partnered with radical Alinsky group” by Aaron Klein, on the deeply disturbing revelation that confirms her far-left ideological roots
    * “Promise of even more amnesty for illegals”
    * “How Clinton will crash” by Dick Morris, on the simple fact that accounts for Hillary’s elevated ratings in the polls.
    As June’s Whistleblower documents, the Clintons are a de facto crime family that somehow achieved immunity from prosecution more than 20 years ago – and, until recently, even immunity from criticism from the so-called “mainstream media.”

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Who should be investigated for illicit ties to Russia? Trump or Clinton?


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