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‘Double Standards’: CIA Leaks Don’t Stir MSM, Russia Stays in Spotlight

  • Published on Mar 9, 2017
    The White House has accused the media of ‘double standards’ after largely ignoring revelations the CIA can frame other countries for hacking. Wikileaks’ latest file dump shows the American intelligence chiefs could have used Russian malware to make it look like Moscow was behind cyber-attacks during the U.S. presidential election. Wikileaks has promised more revelations saying this first file-dump is just 1% of the total. With some saying the information could play into Russia’s hand as RT’s Polly Boiko reports. READ MORE:

    WikiLeaks will give tech companies exclusive access to CIA hacking tools – Assange 
    FBI investigating Wikileaks’ vault 7 disclosures on CIA hacking 
    WikiLeaks says just 1% of #Vault7 covert documents released so far 
    ‘Pocket Putin’ – CIA’s covert listening tool revealed 
    CIA, MI5 turned Samsung TVs into spying devices, even when switched off 
    Germany to examine WikiLeaks documents alleging CIA hacking base in Frankfurt, could launch probe 


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