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US Media Suddenly Concerned about ‘Evidence’ as Trump Claims Wiretapping

  • Does Donald Trump have evidence of wrong doing? Here’s the question which will help you come to a reasonable conclusion: Is Donald Trump an idiot who ‘tweets’ his mouth off without understanding the consequences? Or is he a multi-billionaire, highly experiences business man, who understands the judicial system, the MSM …. who is toying with them? Make a guess: either he already has the evidence in his hands before he tweeted or he is an idiot who cannot foresee that he will be destroyed when he makes unfounded allegations. Which is it?
  • There are many people who are very poor judge of character who like to think of Trump as a brash incompetent idiot billionaire. But facts are facts: Trump beat the Republican party nominees, Hillary Clinton, the MSM …. not bad for a brash incompetent idiot billionaire. He is brash and arrogant – I don’t doubt it. He is also incapable of lying (or at least not very good at it) on TV to say beautiful lies that his audience the American people would like to here. His brashness and arrogance is apparent. But would you prefer a pathological lying snake: “Yes, I am born again.” – DupeYa George W Bush (43), Illuminati Skull and Bonesman, pathological liars: Obama bin laden and Hitlery Clinton whose mentor is a Satanist/Luciferian Saul Alinsky, to be your leader? As a Christian my choice, if I have to vote, is obviously not for Satanists.
  • And yes I trust the brash, arrogant billionaire who is not very good at lying, a straight shooter, who is pro Christian values, who over turned Obama’s tranny laws, who does not want WW3 with Russia, who even before he was inaugurated was working to create jobs, bring jobs home, arresting all the Satanic pedophiles … I trust him more than the Satanic scumbags. Is this rational or irrational? People with an over inflated sense of their own ability often make the mistake of assuming others are stupid and irrational.


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