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We Are Being Herded Into the Chute for Financial Slaughter (ENCORE) | Brother John F

  • Published on Mar 3, 2017
    (Originally published Dec 15, 2016) ENCORE presentation of a classic interview for our newer subscribers!

    Sound money enthusiast and evangelist for the money of the people, Brother John F returns to Reluctant Preppers to clarify what makes silver uniquely desirable for ordinary people. Brother John F further warns the grave and looming threat of the cashless society, and issues the clear call to exit dependency on the banking system, or risk losses you cannot control once the system clamps down. Brother John finally weighs in on the record $19.9 Trillion  US Debt and what is signaling a likely breakdown of the bond markets that could pull the whole system down around us. Don’t miss this one!

    Why Silver? 
    * The name for Silver means “Money” in 60 different languages, 
    * Silver has been the most common monetary money throughout history
    * Now highly desirable industrial metal
    * People can decide to use silver as store of wealth and no one can stop them
    * Most common tactic to discourage people from adopting silver as money is price suppression..
    * Why the shift from “momentum trend” investing to “value investing” in silver signifies a sea change that people are becoming fundamental buyers, who won’t get shaken out..

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