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Ivanka Trump: Dad Is Destroying DC Pedo Network

  • Is Trump the perfect person, totally without flaws, a perfect Christian, sound in theology/doctrine …. This is, of course, the wrong question. You are not electing/supporting the pastor of a church. You are electing/supporting the POTUS. Are there evidence that Trump is pro-Christianity or anti-Christianity? He is definitely pro Christianity and Christian values. Is Trump a born again Christian? I have no idea. God knows. What I do know is that all the Satanic scumbag is against him. So, he can’t be all that bad. He has a tough job and a big bulleyes on his back. There is every likelihood he will be JFKed.
  • Ivanka Trump: Dad Is Destroying DC Pedo Network
    by Baxter Dmitry,
    Ivanka Trump has vowed that her father, President Trump, will do everything within his power, using the “full force and weight” of his administration, to drive the elite pedophiles out of the corridors of power in Washington D.C.

    Brave Ivanka posted a photo to Twitter of herself in the Oval Office with President Trump and NGOs tasked with eradicating the stench of human trafficking and pedophilia from not just Washington D.C. but the whole country.

    It has emerged that Ivanka Trump was responsible for the sudden Trump administration attention to pedophilia epidemic, with the president’s daughter urging her father to hold a listening session last week on domestic and international human trafficking and pedophilia.

    By doing so, Ivanka Trump, an influential West Wing force despite her decision not to take an official title at first, will one day be viewed by history as the person who was brave enough to tip over the first “domino” that eventually led to the whole house being bought down – and the garbage being cleared away.

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