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Divine Intervention! EU Leaders Will Turn to the POPE Over Plans to Revive Struggling Bloc



  • Just what kind of leadership do these EU leaders expect of the Pope? The Man of Sin?
  • Divine Intervention! EU Leaders Will Turn to the POPE Over Plans to Revive Struggling Bloc
    EUROPEAN leaders are set to hold an historic meeting with the Pope later this month when they head to Rome to unveil their make-or-break plans to revive the struggling EU.

    Brussels chiefs are hoping the Pontiff can provide them with the “leadership” they are lacking to help solve the debilitating crises tearing the bloc apart. The 28 heads of government will meet with Pope Francis on March 24, the day before they all gather in the Italian capital to celebrate the 60th birthday of the EU and launch its “rebirth”. 

    One pro-EU think-tank official said that, with Barack Obama gone from the White House, the head of the Catholic Church was the “only moral authority” European politicians had left to follow. The news that the EU’s most powerful men and women are seeking divine intervention from the Pope may raise eyebrows amongst critics who feel they have no answers to the bloc’s growing problems.

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Lucifer/Satan enthroned in the Vatican in 1963? Malachi Martin testified of it ?! Click on image to goto article!

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