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Has The Date Been Set For The Great Economic Collapse?

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  1. Time to accept the offer by the Global Debt Facility to replace our fiat currency with Gold and asset backed Treasury Dollars and terminate the Bankrupt ‘Federal’ Reserve which indeed most Americans do not realize is NOT a federal US agency (that further, owes the Global Debt Facility quadrillions of dollars ie: the Fed, is the one bankrupt not the US, our gold reserve is on deposit there). See @KarenHudes..
    Its Time, for the Global Currency Reset to proceed, because the so called “national debt” is not real and does not exist, just audit the Fed, truth will set us all free. Work together people, create local, and by the way legal, currencies fir the day the EliteScum try to topple the United States.

    Comment by Tye A Hampton | March 3, 2017

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