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End the British Queen’s “Color Revolution” in the U.S.


  • End the British Queen’s “Color Revolution” in the U.S.
    The financial system is about to blow up. If President Trump goes with Glass-Steagall, that will be the end of the British system of finance, of speculation and looting. Aware of this, Soros and Obama are doing what they have done in other countries, creating a color revolution in the U.S. as a coup d’état. This is the context to think of Trump’s National Security advisor, Gen. Michael Flynn, being driven out of the new Administration.

    The reinstatement of Glass-Steagall and the restoration of relations with Russia would sound the death knell for the British Empire. In fact, high level representatives of the British establishment have said that the restoration of Glass-Steagall would be considered a {casus belli} against the Crown and the City of London. And U.S.-Russian collaboration can finally bring to an end what President Kennedy referred to as the nuclear “sword of Damocles,” hanging over the heads of humanity.

    As Vladimir Putin said on January 16th, concerning the role of the then-outgoing Obama Administration, “There are those who leave without saying goodbye, while others say goodbye, but never leave… the outgoing administration, in my opinion, belongs to the second category.” Furthermore, Putin elaborated, “I have an impression that they practiced in Kiev (Ukraine) and are ready to organize a Maidan in Washington, just to not let Trump take office.” However, as Lyndon LaRouche made clear, it is the British Empire’s war party that is running the color revolution—Obama is only dutifully doing his part. LaRouche has also emphasized the role of George Soros as a crucial player and founder in orchestrating the “color revolution” now in play against Trump.

    With Donald Trump’s potential appearance at the upcoming “Belt and Road Initiative” meeting in Beijing May 14-15—a meeting that may be remembered as the time when the British Empire was formally buried—the potential for a new economic paradigm, consistent with the intent of F.D.R.’s post-war vision, and today based on the advanced scientific ideas of Lyndon LaRouche, is imminently possible.

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