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US Military Helicopters Arrive in Germany Amid NATO Buildup in Eastern Europe

  • US Military Helicopters Arrive in Germany Amid NATO Buildup in Eastern Europe
    Dozens of US Chinook, Apache, and Black Hawk helicopters have been unloaded in the German port city of Bremerhaven, as NATO continues boosting its combat presence in Eastern Europe to counter the perceived ‘Russian threat.’

    The shipload of American military hardware included 49 helicopters and several trucks from the US 10th Combat Aviation Brigade stationed at the base in Fort Drum, New York, according to DPA news agency. Most equipment will then be transported to the NATO base in the German town of Illesheim, while other pieces of military hardware will be sent to other countries like Lithuania and Romania.

    “Today, we are downloading a portion of the combat aviation brigade and it will be moved to Germany and Eastern Europe and will be scattered between Latvia and Romania, while a big chunk of it will be stationed in Germany,” Major General Duane Gamble, the Commander of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command, which is lead organization for the US Army Europe’s logistic support and other sustainment activities, told journalists.

    The general added that the mission of the air grouping “is to train with our NATO allies… and to strengthen our alliance together.” He also said that “one of the key training objectives here is to continue to refine our agility in different [ways].”

    “For 70 years, the US has been one of the cornerstones of NATO and there is no better way to train with our NATO partners than on the continent of Europe,”
    he stressed, adding that the US troops will be deployed to four NATO countries: Belgium, Germany, Latvia, and Romania.

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