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Trump Strikes Back! The Judges That Blocked Trump’s Travel Ban Just Got Really Bad News…

  • Published on Feb 12, 2017
    Sub for more: | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, BOOM! This is why you don’t get in front of the Trump train. After judges in the ninth circuit court of appeals banned Trump’s travel ban, it is becoming obvious that this court needs to be busted up. Read More/Source/Credit(FAIR USE):…


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  1. The US Constitution in Null And Void since the Act of 1871.The Fed is illegal and the courts are admiralty courts,

    Since this is fact why would one expect the Supreme Court and 9th District Court to follow rule of law and common sense.

    Thomas Jefferson stated that if private bank rules America the American people would be enslaved. NWO is result.Of course it is finished as the fascist communist soon will be.

    The First Amendment Freedom of Speech does not exist as a special interest rule over it through the communication industry.

    They block E-Mails and read them.They call patriots terrorist.

    They block patriots from making comments on the internet especially when they can’t defend themselves because of fact and reference presented.

    They call patriots Hitler.anti and racist when in fact they are..This is how they have controlled.Even when fact are known.The have been caught on so many occasions yet they deny it,and most remain silent as either they are bought,or intimidated.They do this world wide and they they say they are democratic.Who could they be???

    All media is controlled and manipulated.Politically Correct is Unconstitutional and a contradiction in terms.

    The Fact that the first Amendment is overruled is confirmed by President Trump as universities are best example of denying Freedom of Speech.The fascist rule,but not for long in the coming future.The funding will be cut off.

    Certainly a purge of those who are extremely corrupt is in order and will be done as if not chaos will prevail.Common sense overrules fascism.

    The courts of USA serve special interest not the people.This is obvious as the immigration is out of control and the borders are open.

    Treason exist and no action is taken to put it down.

    This is what president Trump has to deal with,and also the enemy within.

    Some say it is the Public Private Partnership and communist fascism.Of course they could be wrong maybe.Joan Veon-Public Private Partnership-Internet-You Tube..Jordan Maxwell-US Constitution References-You Tube and Internet.Please prove they are wrong with legitimate facts not spin as usual.

    Walter Haas—God Bless America

    Comment by Walter Haas | February 14, 2017

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