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Illuminati Human Trafficking & Sacrifice Exposed

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  1. Johnny Knows all about you things.The Purge has began.

    Comment by Walter Haas | February 12, 2017

  2. Boys Town is best example of what has and is transpiring in America and internationally.Sexual exploitation of individuals under legal age.

    Boys Town can be researched on the Internet.Highest level officials of Fed and State involved when trail is followed.

    Few prosecutions.Due process obstructed by FBI and other agencies.

    There is a documentary-movie about this incident-Research.

    As we see in Washington DC there are many that are perverted in government and this can go to the top.

    If one is perverted they will probably advocate in acting laws which protect them.

    Public use of showers and bathrooms by both sexes is example.President Trump has overruled this rule of Obama and returned the question to the states to decide.

    The overwhelming majority oppose public restrooms for both sexes using same restroom.This applies to schools,etc.

    This is common logic.Only one with a perverted agenda would support public restrooms being use as one restroom by both sexes.

    The avocation of having sex with babies and children,sons and daughters by fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters is perversion of the highest order.

    Since the desire of power is to control the best way to do it is by destroying morals and ethics and culture.

    With this accomplished no rules apply.This is why perversion is pushed.The communist fascist have and do use this tactic also.

    Common sense and Greek and Roman history have illustrated the result of perversion on the public at large.

    Prior to President Donald Trump America was perverted without hope of recovery.The perverted hate him now for opposing it.

    Perversion will never end as it is a part of mans makeup but it can be controlled by laws that penalize it.Also by the public showing open disapproval.

    Perversion that is consented to by both parties of legal age of sound mind have right to do as they please in private.

    A small minority cannot rule the majority.No one should be abused for sexual preference where there is no offense committed.All have right to protection of the law.Those who abuse this law should be prosecuted.

    What I have stated is fact and common sense.How could one think otherwise and be logical.

    Brainwashing and intimidation has resulted in no action in this matter as result.Without President Trump nothing would have been done.

    God Bless America

    Comment by Walter Haas | February 26, 2017

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