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EU In Disintegration Mode


  • EU In Disintegration Mode
    by Martin Armstrong,
    The EU leadership is really trying to make Great Britain pay dearly for voting to exit the Community. Like the socialists in America, it’s our way or no way. The left may call the right the “deplorables” but the left are the “intolerables” who refuse to ever consider they might be wrong.

    The EU thinks that if they can make it so bad for Britain, nobody else will leave. They refuse to examine why there is rising discontent within Europe. They refuse to let go of this dream of a federalized Europe to eradicate national identities along with sovereign rights.

    The EU intends to make it a mistake that the British will regret and fall to their knees. This attitude is consistent with the constant endeavor to explain all the shortcomings of the EU as insignificant and irrelevant, thereby closing their ears and mind to any possible reform. The EU constantly repeats motto of a federalized Europe will lessen the risk of war but nobody else takes this seriously outside of Brussels. The “European Project” is creating the resentment that fuels war. With this policy in place, the Community has refused to listen to anyone but themselves. This has led to small issues festering and creating resentment which grows into a huge problem and Brexit that has spun Frexit and all the rest.

    The EU refuses to even listen to the British and chose to ignore the speeches of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May. The PM May has announced a clear separation and rejected all interim solutions by the EU, which ultimately would still lead to a dependency upon Brussels. Britain demands that each nation must decide for itself who can immigrate. Just because Merkel allowed the refugees in to help her polls should not subjugate other nations to have to endure a vast influx of something they never voted for.

    Britain is not willing to surrender all domestic law to that of the EU. Indeed, EU law is no longer to be applied in Britain. Here we have the EU demanding Ireland retroactively charge Apple taxes simply because their tax rate is less that the highest EU member. That is surrendering everything sovereign to Brussels. Laws are only to be decided by the British parliament – not Brussels. Jurisprudence is a matter for the British courts not the European Court.

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