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No More ‘B.S.!’ Look Who Trump Picks for EU Ambassador. Professor Malloch Suggests the Break Up of EU

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  • No More ‘B.S.!’ Look Who Trump Picks for EU Ambassador
    Brexit backer, WND author, contributor won’t take any globalist bull
    WASHINGTON – The next U.S. ambassador to the European Union is warning that his boss, President Donald Trump, won’t take any “bull—-” from Brussels.

    How’s that for start to diplomacy?
    Ted Malloch, Trump’s pick for the post, shocked BBC presenters Sunday morning with his bluntness, predicting the impending collapse of the EU as President Trump continues to lay down the law.

    During an interview with Pienaar’s Politics, the economist, WND author and contributor said the time is over for “baby talk and political correctness” of EU elites such as Angela Merkel, Jean-Claude Juncker and Guy Verhofstadt. The early Brexit backer said Trump doesn’t want Germany to rule Europe.

    In an extraordinary pushback, he said that whether the EU likes it or not, Trump will only deal with countries on a nation-by-nation basis. To add insult to injury, Malloch, author of “Hired: An Insider’s Look at the Trump Victory” and “Davos, Aspen and Yale: My Life Behind the Elite Curtain as a Global Sherpa,” said Britain would be key to U.S. relations with the EU in the post-Brexit era. He urged Theresa May to continue her role as a bridge between the EU and the U.S.

    In response to European Parliament Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt’s call for rejecting Malloch’s ambassadorial appointment, he said only America would choose American diplomats and if the EU dared to intervene, there would an “equal measure of response in Washington.” Verhostadt had signaled that the appointment should be rejected because of Malloch’s “outrageous malevolence against the values that define this European Union.”

    “Trump hopes that Europe succeeds completely and he wants to deal with them bilaterally,” Malloch said. “But obviously, he doesn’t want a union that is tilted towards Germany.”

    When pressed how Trump would speak to the EU on a nation-by-nation basis instead of a giant bloc, he seemed to suggest the complete break-up of the political union.

    “The hope is that the EU can come to some understanding and the union itself, which is in a process of adjustment, will see its role as something more of an economic integration, rather than political,” explained Malloch.

    Earlier in the interview, he proclaimed that Trump is “too noble for this world.” Quoting from Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus,” he said Trump’s “heart is his mouth.”

    “Trump won’t cow down to the powers that be,” Malloch continued. “He’ll speak his mind even if gets him in trouble or is held in disregard by others. It used to be called honesty but in the age of baby talk and political correctness, and mostly bull—-, it’s now regarded as dishonesty.”

    Last month, the Trump insider clashed with Brussels when he said that he “helped bring about the demise of the USSR and he would like to do a similar thing with the EU.”


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