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Polish Military Facing a Full-Scale Purge by Russophobic Defense Minister

  • The western Illuminati is getting rid of people who will block the start of WW3 in Europe against Russia.
  • Polish Military Facing a Full-Scale Purge by Russophobic Defense Minister
    Last week, Polish Armed Forces’ Chief of General Staff Mieczyslaw Gocul resigned. Being the second senior military official to do so recently, Gocul’s departure has fueled rumors of a struggle underway between career officers and Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz. Speaking to Sputnik, retired Vice-Admiral Marek Toczek laid out what’s at stake.

    Gocul left his post and ended his military career on Wednesday. In a letter published on the General Staff’s website last week, the officer cryptically alluded to changes in the global security environment, and thanked “all the institutions, organizations and individuals who express their constant concern about the fate of our country.”

    Gocul is the second senior officer to resign in less than a month. In December, Lieutenant-General Miroslaw Rozanski, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, also tendered his resignation, allegedly amid pressure to do so by Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz. Over the past year, over 20 senior officers in the special forces, the army, and the military police have lost their posts. Last month, President Andrzej Duda announced plans to reorganize the military leadership, just two years following the last reorganization.

    Speaking to Sputnik Poland about Gocul’s resignation, retired Polish Navy Vice-Admiral Marek Toczek said that it was just one step in a full-scale purge that’s facing the senior leadership of the country’s military and security forces due to their disagreements with the government.

    “This is far from being the first step, although it is the first dismissal of this magnitude,” Toczek noted. “This is just an ordinary political purge of people who have their own views, who disagree with political manipulation or other actions which, in their view, undermine professional order in the military,” he added.

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