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‘US Government Contributes to ISIS Taking Territory’ – Journalist

  • Published on Jan 25, 2017
    The city of Deir Ez-Zor in eastern Syria is encircled by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and has been under intense attacks for the past week. The Russian Defense Ministry reports that it is attacking IS command centers and weapons stockpiles from the air, as jihadist fighters clash with Syrian government forces. Independent journalist Rania Khalek explains to RT America’s Simone Del Rosario why western media ignores vulnerable civilians in areas held by the Syrian government.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

“For years we have been supplying anti-tank missiles and all sorts of weapons to the terrorists, to Al Nusra, sometimes to ISIS.. the entire array … Jaysh al-Islam …”
– Quote Senator Richard Black from 1:01 onwards

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