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Is This The End of TTIP? Trump REMOVES Deal with European Union from White House Website

Donald Trump will end the TPP(TTP) and TTIP deals. These Illuminist contracts are for the establishment of a fascist world government where corporations over rule governments and national sovereignties. Click on image for article.

  • The Donald is not backing down in his attacks on Globalism and Global Warming both euphemisms, scams for World Government by the Illuminati.
  • Is This The End of TTIP? Trump REMOVES Deal with European Union from White House Website
    THE future of the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the US and EU has been thrown into doubt, hours after Donald Trump was sworn in as President.

    Negotiations on the trade deal started in February 2014 but talks came to a standstill under . During the election campaign said he would bin the beleaguered deal and it appears just hours into his presidency he has kept his promise. TTIP is no longer featured on the White House website as the President wipes out Mr Obama’s legacy. 

    The move will be a blow to chiefs who hoped to remove trade barriers between the bloc and Washington. A number of TTIP talks had already been held in secret under the Obama administration but it appears the hours of diplomacy and negotiation may have gone to waste.

    Mr Obama and Angela Merkel both pushed for the deal, with the German Chancellor saying the agreement was “absolutely in Europe’s interests”. Mr Trump, a critic of multilateral trade deals, has also already announced plans to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership on his first day in office.

    As well as deleting TTIP, references to Obamacare have also been scrapped alongside references to the LGBT movement and climate change. In its place, the Trump administration is instead plugging its America First policies before the president even sets foot in the White House in his new role. 

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