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56 Years Ago Today, Eisenhower Warned Americans Of “The Unwarranted Influence” Of The Deep State

  • 56 Years Ago Today, Eisenhower Warned Americans Of “The Unwarranted Influence” Of The Deep State 
    by Tyler Durden,, 17 Jan 2017
    In his farewell address to the nation 56 years ago, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people for the first time to keep a careful eye on what he called the “military-industrial complex” that had developed in the post-World War II years. Fiscally conservative Eisenhower had been concerned about the growing size and cost of the American defense establishment since he became president in 1953, and as notes, in his last presidential address to the American people, he expressed those concerns in terms that shocked many of his listeners.

    Eisenhower began by describing the changing nature of the American defense establishment since World War II. No longer could the U.S. afford the “emergency improvisation” that characterized its preparations for war against Germany and Japan. Instead, the United States was “compelled to create a permanent armaments industry” and a huge military force. He admitted that the Cold War made clear the “imperative need for this development,” but he was gravely concerned about “the acquisition of unwarranted influence…by the military-industrial complex.” In particular, he asked the American people to guard against the “danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

    Eisenhower’s blunt language stunned some of his supporters.
    They believed that the man who led the country to victory in Europe in World War II and guided the nation through some of the darkest moments of the Cold War was too negative toward the military-industrial complex that was the backbone of America’s defense. For most listeners, however, it seemed clear that Eisenhower was merely stating the obvious. World War II and the ensuing Cold War resulted in the development of a large and powerful defense establishment.
    Necessary though that development might be, Eisenhower warned, this new military-industrial complex could weaken or destroy the very institutions and principles it was designed to protect.

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  1. Reblogged this on Électrodes and commented:
    Eisenhower. Janvier 1961. Près de trois ans avant l’assassinat de John Kennedy en novembre 1963.

    Un avertissement clair, prophétique, incontournable, par l’ex-général en chef des armées alliées durant la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale, le président Eisenhower, l’un des derniers véritables présidents américains.

    Le dernier fut celui qui lui succéda : John Kennedy.

    John Kennedy fut assassiné, vraisemblablement par le complexe militaro-industriel, auquel il avait voulu tenir tête sur le Vietnam, et contre lequel Eisenhower avait mis les Américains en garde. Et le monde entier..

    Comment by Loup Kibiloki | January 19, 2017

  2. Eisenhower was the deep state till they kicked him to the curb. Correct me if I err but was’nt he one of the soldiers that fired upon WW I vets ( bonus army ) in wash dc.
    To Wit: Major General Smedley Butler beat him to it by decades .SEE War Is A Racket By Major General Smedley Butler

    Comment by 0jr | January 19, 2017

  3. Please use your influence and love for this country to halt the psyops programs that are targeting innocent citizens. The rogue agencies of the government are using military directed energy weapons(V2K, remote neural monitoring, microwaving, scalar, sound, and gangstalking) that are violating the minds and bodies of innocent citizens remotely. These targeted individuals are being tortured remotely in the most inhumane torture and egregious violation of human rights. These weapons can’t be seen or traced and the victims are left with little recourse. The media, psychiatry, and politicians are covering for this modern day holocaust. We need true patriots to help expose and end this torture on innocent citizens being psychologically tortured and their lives ruined. Apparently this is legal as the government has made human experimentation legal. Of course citizens would be outraged if they knew the truth that this torture is taking place with their tax dollars on family and neighbors and is completely immoral and unethical. Many victims have youtube videos, blogs, and books on amazon, however there are countless others also. Whistleblowers are trying to gain support for victims and end this. We need more patriots to demand the president and politicians end these psyops programs and restore America. Dr. John Hall has written books on the subject, Jesse Ventura’s Brain Invader’s you tube video exposes this. Websites and documents are at,,, among others.

    Please help use your influence to end this torture human experimentation psyops on innocent citizens remotely in their own homes.

    Thank you for any assistance to help end this torture

    Comment by wakeup | January 20, 2017

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