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Washington Sends 1000s of Troops to Poland

  • Published on Jan 17, 2017
    Hundreds of US troops have landed in Norway for a six-month deployment, despite warning from Russia. Almost 3-hundred US marines will participate in drills with the Norwegian army, less than 15-hundred kilometers from the Russian border. It’s the first time since World War Two that foreign troops have been allowed to be stationed in the Scandinavian country. Officials have denied any link between the troop deployment and NATO’s concerns over Russia. But it coincides with the U-S sending several thousand troops to Poland to beef up its Eastern European allies. Earlier, a senior Russian official said the deployment is part of a U-S military build-up and that it makes Norway fair game in the event of a nuclear confrontation. The US-led western military alliance has ramped up its presence in Eastern Europe following the Ukraine crisis. Moscow says Washington seeks to constrain Russia.

In war propaganda, you always portray yourselves as righteous victims reacting defensively to the aggressive actions of the enemy. The west is provoking the Russian Bear into WW3. Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.


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