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It’s ‘Gloves Off’ if Trump Continues His Taiwan Line as President, China Daily Warns


  • It’s ‘Gloves Off’ if Trump Continues His Taiwan Line as President, China Daily Warns
    China has hit out at US President-elect Donald Trump over his Taiwan policy again in an editorial in the state daily. This time it’s “gloves off” if Trump does not stop his support for the island’s independence-seeking leader.

    Everything continues to be about the One China principle for Beijing – the principle that Taiwan is Chinese territory. In this newly published message to the US president-elect, the China Daily warns Trump against dangling his disregard of that policy as a “trump card” against China.

    On Friday, Trump once again reiterated to the Wall Street Journal that he is considering dispensing with the One China principle, as he repeated that “Everything is under negotiation, including ‘One China’” – a policy he previously questioned, shocking Beijing to its core.

    To Beijing, Trump’s disregard of the long-standing One China principle seeks to open a “Pandora’s box of lethal potential,” the Daily writes. One which, if opened, “may upend the hard-earned, firmly held fundamentals governing the relationship.”

    With Sunday’s interview, Trump reinforced the impression that “he intends to use Taiwan as a bargaining chip.” Even then, “Beijing did not go beyond what it had already said” of Trump’s actions, it added.

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