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Chinese Media: Tillerson Could Spark War

  • Can Tillerson be trusted? Personally, I do not trust top people in the banking cartel, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agri, MIC, Pentagram …. My understanding is that to rise up the rungs in these Illuminist organizations, you need to be Freemasonic Illuminists ie Satanists. Of course, we should not assume that every general, every CEO … is a Satanist but the majority are. The key positions in control/power are always populated by them. Non critical positions like man-power, logistics, maintenance … are less likely so.
  • Published on Jan 13, 2017
    Chinese media have strongly condemned Prospective US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s comment about the South China Sea dispute. China Daily which reflects the views of the Chinese government said Tillerson had better quote-watch his mouth. The paper warned if Donald Trump’s nominee made good on his threats to block Beijing in the South China Sea, there would be a devastating confrontation between the two sides. The US has sided with China’s regional rivals in maritime disputes. But Beijing has repeatedly warned Washington against taking sides and meddling in the regional issue. 


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