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Why Is the Washington Post Covering Up PizzaGate? More MSM Fake News


  • Why Is the Washington Post Covering Up PizzaGate? More MSM Fake News
    by Dave Hodges,  
    The Washington Post, your leader in propaganda, PSYOP, fake news and the cover up of crimes against children.

    The Washington Post, the purveyor of the real fake news.
    At one time, the Washington Post was doing some incredible investigative journalism. It was best known for bringing down President Nison through Watergate. However, that was a very long time ago.  Today, the reporters and the editors at the Post couldn’t spell the term “investigative journalism”. They used to be the watchdog against government wrong-doing. Today, they are the lap dogs for the wrong-doers.

    In obfuscating the true facts about critical issues of the day (eg PizzaGate, Clinton’s health, Clinton’s criminality), this once proud organization is a hollowed out remnant of a failed media, most notably news print, and their subscriptions reflect the loss of faith the public has in this paper who’s newspaper is only good for housebreaking your dog. But my allegations of cover-ups and intentional misreporting pale in comparison to their alleged cover-up and psyops in regard to PizzaGate.

    PizzaGate is most disturbing because Wikileaks has provided enough proof that any reasonable person would conclude where there is smoke, there is indeed fire. However, for some strange reason the Washington Post has decided cover up the whole affair by ignoring it.

    Fake News
    This is just one more example about how the MSM (i.e. The Washington Post) is engaging in fake news. In addition, organizations such as the Post are also engaged in extreme censorship in which the existence of the entire Alt media is at risk. The process has been long and incremental. MSM censorship began with the concept of political correctness and has morphed into fake news. Now, the entire media will soon be under the iron fist of the six corporations who control 95% of the media.

    The Independent Media Is Needed to Tell the Truth
    We have grown accustomed to the notion that fredom is for sale. For example, the government pays the NFL and various NFL teams to honor veterans under the pretense that we are the most free nation in the world. IF we are the most free nation in the world, then why do we have the highest incarceration rate in the world and it is not close?

    This generation of American leaders have made many of us fully appreciate the statement “Honesty Is a Virtue.” Today’s appointed puppets for the NWO reminds me of the old joke, “How do you know when a politicians is lying?” Answer, “When they are moving their lips.” And now we have a new question: “How do you know when the MSM is lying?”  Answer: “When you turn on the TV or pickup a newspaper”.

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