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Conservatives “Betrayed” By Trump Decision To Kill Clinton Probe

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  • This is a 180 degrees about face for the Donald. The Clinton probe will not just incriminate Clinton. It will reveal alot of ‘serpents’ hiding in the swamp. The Donald knows he has a Big Bullseye on his back pursuing this Clinton probe. Has the Donald sold out to the Illuminati? Or is he posturing until he is sworn in on  20 Jan 2017? From now till then, Obama bin Laden still can announce a pardon for the Clintons should there be a criminal investigation. Too early to tell.
  • Conservatives “Betrayed” By Trump Decision To Kill Clinton Probe
    by Tyler Durden, 
    Trump’s decision not to appoint a special prosecutor to pursue a criminal probe into Hillary Clinton’s email server or the Clinton Foundation, confirmed by top advisor Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday morning, appears to be is the first major break the president-elect has had with his diehard fans. In what The Hill believes was the first indication of “strains in the relationship” conservatives expressed “feelings of betrayal” on Tuesday after Conway said – and Trump subsequently confirmed during his meeting with the NYT – that the incoming administration would decline to pursue a criminal case against former rival Hillary Clinton.

    And indeed, some prominent conservative critics were livid. Breitbart News, whose former executive chairman, Steve Bannon was recently named as a senior advisor in his White House, slammed Trump’s decision as a “broken promise.”

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  1. In a transcript

    Trump said Hillary Clinton is not top priority

    The American people are

    But Hillary is not off the table

    Remember…the media lies and twists words

    Comment by hocuspocus13 | November 24, 2016

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