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Brain Implants: Scientists Take Massive Step Towards The Mark of the Beast With New Bionic Hybrid Neurochip

  • Brain Implants: Scientists Take Massive Step Towards The Mark of the Beast With New Bionic Hybrid Neurochip
    Scientists at the University of Calgary have created a brain chip which can mimic cellular function within the brain, marking a tipping point in biotechnology; and thus further paving the way for a fully functional Brain Computer Interface (BCI) which could be used as a form of the Mark of the Beast.

    The human brain is a complex organism which operates because of cellular activity. The combination of cell activity creates functions such as simple reflexes or learning and memory. A multitude of cells, within the brain, creates large networks or groups of neurons; scientists seek to track these cells to understand basic functions and complex functions. Upon the collection of recorded data from said functions, researchers could then use that data to create a fully functional brain-computer interface.

    Conventional methods have allowed scientists to record the activity of neurons for minutes, but the new bionic hybrid neurochip will allow researchers to record activity in animal brain cells for weeks at a much higher resolution.

    “These chips are 15 times more sensitive than conventional neuro chips,” says Naweed Syed, PhD, scientific director of the University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medicine’s Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute, member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute and senior author on the study. “This allows brain cell signals to be amplified more easily and to see real time recordings of brain cell activity at a resolution that has never been achieved before.”

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The Mark of The Beast ‘666’ is coming!


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