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‘With Trump’s Win We Might’ve Dodged Nuclear Bullet’

WW3 is near?

WW3: postponed or cancelled?

  • ‘With Trump’s Win We Might’ve Dodged Nuclear Bullet’
    by Annie Machon,  
    It’s difficult to make any predictions when it comes to Donald Trump, but from a global perspective, his election victory might be a move toward world peace, former MI5 intelligence officer Annie Machon told RT.

    NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has warned US President-elect Donald Trump that now’s not the time for America to quit the alliance, as Trump has repeatedly questioned NATO’s efficiency and spending.

     Donald Trump wants NATO members to pay their way and even suggested he doesn’t mind the alliance breaking up. What’s your take on that?

    Annie Machon: Who can say with Donald Trump! We just don’t know, but I would suggest that his election from a global perspective might indeed be a move toward world peace, a greater chance of world peace at least. Hillary Clinton was such a hawk when it came to Russia, and Trump said he wants to make deals with Russia, work with Russia. We might indeed have just dodged a nuclear bullet potentially.

    It is interesting that Jens Stoltenberg has acknowledged that perhaps the rest of the NATO states do need to make a greater financial contribution in order to keep it together. But what interested me most about the statement by Jens Stoltenberg was that he seems to be concerned with the potential growth of a possible EU fighting force, which is something the EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has been touting for many years, and has really stated pushing now.

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