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TRUMP TROJAN HORSE? — Darryl Robert Schoon

  • For the record, I have not concluded that Trump is a Trojan Horse ie. just another Illuminist puppet. But I am keeping an open mind. Decide for yourself.
  • Published on Nov 13, 2016
    Now that Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the United States, the world wonders: Will he actually do the things he said he will do? Darryl Robert Schoon returns to SGT report to examine the Trump presidency and answer the question; Is Trump for real – or is he merely a Trojan Horse for some other shadowy group of elites?


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  1. It comes down to this: Are the institutions around Trump honourable? The intelligence services, police, military, judiciary, senate, congress, state officials, CIA, FBI, CDC, FDA, FCC, EPA, TSA, Homeland, are they free of corruption.
    To make America great again Trump must continue deceits and wars – is the economy/jobs the motivation behind the backlash.
    How can Trump fund jobs without perpetuating more debt backed by American military violence? The deceits of the petro-dollar are now due! The honest, honourable path will NOT be taken, as it is too painful for the majority of the west.

    Comment by ebolainfo | November 15, 2016

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