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TRUMPED OR DUPED? Know Who Are Donald Trump’s Illuminati Puppet-Masters?

  • Are all of us who are anti Hillary Clinton (the Satanist) being played big time by another Illuminati puppet called: Donald Trump? I have no idea but I keep an open mind. The Illuminist philosophy is always to control/own both sides in a conflict. Whether the Donald is an Illuminist puppet or not, we will know from his actions in the coming months.
  • Will he still be anti Globalism and for Nationalism? Will he kill the TPP and TTIP (which are the foundation for the coming fascist World Government)? Will he reduce American support for NATO? Will he end all the WW3 deployments on the Russian borders? Once we have answers to these questions and more, we will get a clearer picture. At this moment I am definitely 100% pro Donald Trump based on all his promises to the American people,


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