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Assassination: A Prayer for Donald Trump As He Faces the Powerful Satanic Pedophile Network

  • Assassination: A Prayer for Donald Trump As He Faces the Powerful Satanic Pedophile Network 
    If Trump aims to keep his promises, he will need our prayers. Why? He has royally ticked off the establishment in both the political and the demonic realms, and that’s no joke.

    Wikileaks and internet journalists  have  uncovered the demonic, occult, and child trafficking networks connected to the Clinton campaign heads.  ( Watch the video on the left. Prepare to be horrified.) This may stretch as far as George Soros and Barack Obama.

    If Trump is what he says he is, he faces the risk of assassination. Pastor Jason Charles offers these words of advice: Protect yourself, Mr. President.

    (Disclaimer- I repost this because it resonates with me. I don’t endorse every word. E.g. Mike Pence reminds me of LBJ. I’d also get rid of Paul Ryan and pussy-faced Mitch McConnell pronto. Send me your advice for President Trump. I will post the best. )

    President Trump: Choose Your People Wisely  
    by Jason Charles, (abridged by
    Yes, Clinton campaign heads have pedophile code words and signs of overt occultism in their email transactions. Wrap your brain around that. The demonic establishment just suffered a massive loss; the globalists have experienced a mega roadblock, and Clinton deserves to see the inside of a jail cell…and hopefully an exorcist.

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