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TRUMPED OR DUPED? Know Who Are Donald Trump’s Illuminati Puppet-Masters?

  • Are all of us who are anti Hillary Clinton (the Satanist) being played big time by another Illuminati puppet called: Donald Trump? I have no idea but I keep an open mind. The Illuminist philosophy is always to control/own both sides in a conflict. Whether the Donald is an Illuminist puppet or not, we will know from his actions in the coming months.
  • Will he still be anti Globalism and for Nationalism? Will he kill the TPP and TTIP (which are the foundation for the coming fascist World Government)? Will he reduce American support for NATO? Will he end all the WW3 deployments on the Russian borders? Once we have answers to these questions and more, we will get a clearer picture. At this moment I am definitely 100% pro Donald Trump based on all his promises to the American people,


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Assassination Is Trump’s Number 1 Problem

  • Published on Nov 14, 2016
    The average person really doesn’t know that Trump is not affiliated with the KKK and donated to minority groups etc. in the 90’s. Trumps is not perfect but he’s not out to get you. Caller: Based on the Bev Harris intv. how big of a land slide did it have to be for him to win for such a huge margin. The prime issue is worrying about an assassination attempt on Trumps life.



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US Senator Richard Black: “For Years We Have Been Supplying Anti-Tank Missiles And All Sorts of Weapons to The Terrorists, to Al Nusra, Sometimes to ISIS.. the Entire Array … Jaysh al-Islam…”

“For years we have been supplying anti-tank missiles and all sorts of weapons to the terrorists, to Al Nusra, sometimes to ISIS …”
– Quote Senator Richard Black from 1:01 onwards

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Britain to Deploy Batteries of High Precision Long Range Missiles on Russian’s Border for The First Time Since The Cold War

The Synagogue of Satan still won’t give up on their WW3 plans. Click on image for article.

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UK Jewish MP: Israel Behaving Like Nazis!

  • Sir Gerald Kaufmann:

    “My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her home town. A German soldier shot her dead in her bed. “My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza. ”

    “The present Israeli government ruthlessly and cynically exploits the continuing guilt among gentiles over the slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust as justification for their murder of Palestinians.”

  • He said the claim that many of the Palestinian victims were militants “was the reply of the Nazi” and added: “I suppose the Jews fighting for their lives in the Warsaw ghetto could have been dismissed as militants.”

‘Israel was born out of Jewish Terrorism! …. They are not simply war criminals. They are fools!’

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

  • “In 2001, Dr. Ariella Oppenheim, of Hebrew University, a biologist, published the first extensive study of DNA and the origin of the Jews. Her research found that virtually all the Jews came from Khazar blood. Not only that but Oppenheim discovered that the Palestinians—the very people whom the Jews had been persecuting and ejecting from Israel’s land since 1948—had more Israelite blood than did the Jews. In sum, the vast majority of the Jews were not Jews; some of the Palestinians were. Some of the Palestinians even had a DNA chromosome which established that they were “Cohens”—workers at the ancient Temple and synagogues of the Jews.” – Quote

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Ashkenazi Khazar Jews are not semitic people and not the real Jews of the Bible! Not the descendents of the 12 sons of Jacob/Israel !Click on image for article!


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Alex Jones Full Show: Soros-Funded Goons Deployed to Overthrow America

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Hillary Stole 5 States, But STILL Lost!

  • Published on Nov 12, 2016
    Alex Breaks down the story of how Hillary and her political apparatchik’s schemed to steal five states, but what they didn’t realize was that the groundswell of patriots would overwhelm their efforts!


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Flashback 2015: How Secret Group of Freemasons Has Kept Grip on Britain for 200 years

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  • Quotes on FreeMasonry:

    “To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General (of the 33rd degree), we say this, that you may repeat it to the brethren of the 32nd , 31st and 30th degrees – The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine.  … Yes, Lucifer is God … “
    Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in 1871 (blasphemy)

    One of the unheralded and least known facts about Freemasonry and the Masonic Lodge is its Jewish origins and nature. The religion of Judaism, based on the Babylonian Talmud, and the Jewish Cabala (or, Kabala), an alchemical system of magic and deviltry, form the basis for the Scottish Rite’s 33 ritual degree ceremonies.

    – Freemasonry is Jewish Magic, Texe Marrs 

    “Masonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic Ritual and what is left?”
    Jewish Tribune of New York, on October 28, 1927

    “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”
    – Rabbi Isaac Wise

    Satanic doctrine teaches that, ultimately, the New World Order can be established in society only after a time of planned, great world turbulence and chaotic disorder. It is this very concept- “order out of chaos”- which is at the foundation of all Masonic doctrine. Significantly, Masonic initiates elevated to the 33 degree are given a “jewel” to wear proudly. This jewel is decorated with the sign of three, interlocked triangles, representing both the unholy trinity and the number 666. The jewel is also inscribed with the Latin inscription “Ordo Ab Chao,” interpreted as “Order Out of Chaos.”
    Circle Of Intrigue, Page 94, Texe Marrs

    Here is the 33rd Degree Masonic Symbol
    The higher-level initiates are well aware that in the working of The Plan (for a New World Order), death and bloodshed- unparalleled chaos are prescribed. John Randolph Price, president of the Planetary Commission and organizer each year of a massive and worldwide “Instant of Cooperation” event, has proclaimed that the “Divine Plan” requires chaos to cleanse and purge the world before a bright, new era can emerge.
    Circle Of Intrigue, Page 100, Texe Marrs

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Assassination: A Prayer for Donald Trump As He Faces the Powerful Satanic Pedophile Network

  • Assassination: A Prayer for Donald Trump As He Faces the Powerful Satanic Pedophile Network 
    If Trump aims to keep his promises, he will need our prayers. Why? He has royally ticked off the establishment in both the political and the demonic realms, and that’s no joke.

    Wikileaks and internet journalists  have  uncovered the demonic, occult, and child trafficking networks connected to the Clinton campaign heads.  ( Watch the video on the left. Prepare to be horrified.) This may stretch as far as George Soros and Barack Obama.

    If Trump is what he says he is, he faces the risk of assassination. Pastor Jason Charles offers these words of advice: Protect yourself, Mr. President.

    (Disclaimer- I repost this because it resonates with me. I don’t endorse every word. E.g. Mike Pence reminds me of LBJ. I’d also get rid of Paul Ryan and pussy-faced Mitch McConnell pronto. Send me your advice for President Trump. I will post the best. )

    President Trump: Choose Your People Wisely  
    by Jason Charles, (abridged by
    Yes, Clinton campaign heads have pedophile code words and signs of overt occultism in their email transactions. Wrap your brain around that. The demonic establishment just suffered a massive loss; the globalists have experienced a mega roadblock, and Clinton deserves to see the inside of a jail cell…and hopefully an exorcist.

    read more.


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West ‘Can’t Afford to Stumble Into Military Conflict’ Between US, Russia, China

WW3 is near?

  • West ‘Can’t Afford to Stumble Into Military Conflict’ Between US, Russia, China
    The US leadership needs to reconsider its relations with geopolitical competitors, China and Russia, putting “great power relations” before hegemonic ambitions. Whether one likes it or not, the US unipolar era has come to an end opening the door to a “world of great power balance,” former British intelligence chief noted.

    While US hawks are propagating a more assertive posture toward China and Russia, Sir Robert John Sawers, the former head of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, is warning Washington against aggravating tensions with Moscow, Beijing.

    “The first foreign policy priority of the next American president will be to work out how to avoid direct conflict with China or Russia. Both countries, in different ways, now challenge US dominance. War between the great powers is once again a possibility. For better or worse, we are returning to a world of great power balance,” Sawers emphasized in his op-ed for The Financial Times.

    The former intelligence chief pointed out that the US’ unipolar dominance lasted less than 25 years and has eventually come to an end, eroded by wars and the financial crisis of 2008.

    Although the United States still remains by far the most powerful country in the world, “it no longer has global hegemony,” Sawers stressed. He remarked, in addition, that the West’s economic dominance has also declined sharply in recent years: the G7 developed economies now contribute only 47 percent of global gross domestic product and things are not getting any better.

    To complicate matters even further, the Western democratic model has seemingly lost its former appeal, he underscored. In light of this “an approach is needed that puts global stability first,” the former intelligence chief believes.

    read more.


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NATO Panics As Putin Urges Trump To Force Alliance Withdrawal From Russian Border


  • When NATO collapses, it is the end of the Satanic WW3 plan in Europe with Russia.
  • NATO Panics As Putin Urges Trump To Force Alliance Withdrawal From Russian Border
    by Tyler Durden, 
    While many in the media have speculated that the Kremlin had a hand in Wikileaks’ procurement of hacked Podesta emails – something Julian Assange denied last week – and US intelligence services officially accused Russian government-supported hackers of interfering with the US election (providing zero proof for the allegation), the truth is that Vladimir Putin is delighted with the outcome from the US elections: not so much for Hillary’s loss as that the sharp, neo-con wing in the Pentagon has been muted for the next four years.

    And, in the first test of Trump’s willingness to rebuild bridges with Russia, Putin’s spokesman suggested that President-elect Donald Trump should begin rebuilding the U.S.-Kremlin relationship by urging NATO to withdraw forces from the Russian border.  Dmitry Peskov told the Associated Press that such a move  “would lead to a kind of detente in Europe.” Trump repeatedly praised Putin during his campaign and suggested the U.S. abandon its commitment to the NATO alliance.

    The request comes at a time of disturbing, relentless escalations in military tensions between NATO and Russia: this week we reported that NATO has placed as much as 300,000 troops on “high alert” in preparation for confrontation with Russia. 

    Peskov said in the interview that the NATO presence does not make Russia feel “safe.”  “Of course, we have to take measures to counter,” he said.

    Additionally, setting the stage for Trump’s official position on Crimea, in a separate interview with the Associated Press on Thursday, Peskov insisted that Crimea which became part of Russia after the CIA-sponsored Ukraine presidential coup in 2014, will remain such.   “No one in Russia — never — will be ready to start any kind of discussion about Crimea,” he said, refusing to call it “annexation.”

    Alternatively, by putting into question a core support pillar behind NATO’s endless provocations and troop buildup at Russia’s border, Trump may prevent World War III.

    read more.


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Clif High: Federal Reserve & Clintons Doomed. DOW & Gold $125,000 — Hyperinflation Coming

  • Clif High: Federal Reserve & Clintons Doomed. DOW & Gold $125,000 — Hyperinflation Coming
    by Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)
    Internet data mining expert Clif High predicted that “Trump would win” the election and that Hillary Clinton would go “missing” after the election. Sure enough, Hillary was missing the night of her defeat.  What does that mean?  High thinks, “That there was a breakdown among a very delicate relationship among a lot of powerful parties that failed to deliver as promised.  The plan didn’t work.  So, now there is no real plan “B.”  There never could be under the circumstances.  We are in a situation where there can’t be a plan “B” for the Federal Reserve, for example.  They (FED) have to go on a certain path, they’re doomed.  That is true of the criminal organization we call CGI (Clinton Global Initiative).  Any criminal gang, no matter where it is in the social order, progresses along a certain path, runs into opposition and dies.  It always happens, and it always will.”

    So, does Clif High think Hillary Clinton is in jeopardy? High answers, “I certainly do.”  High’s data mining also shows that “Clinton minions are worried . . .  all I get in the data is all these people have fear and worry.”

    On the financial front, High contends we will have inflation and deflation at the same time. And High says interest rates are headed up and will continue to rise.  High explains, “My definition is deflation, but maybe we should define it as debt destruction and inflation.  The powers that be and the Federal Reserve in the data sets that I have are showing that they are really worried and start to get worried by the 12th of December, and it breaks out into the public in early January.  They are worried about the destruction of all of this debt by dollars pouring back into the U.S.  The debt is actually being paid off by all this money coming back into the U.S.  It’s not an actual increase of actual cash.  It is a destruction of all the derivatives . . . It is debt destruction for sure. . . . Also, a component of the hyperinflation is they can’t destroy all the repatriated dollars (flowing back in) fast enough.  So, some of those do show up in the supply chain of the digital cost we have to deal with. . . .So, as this deflation starts, the hyperinflation is already going to be ongoing.”  In short, High says your home will go down in value while you are paying much more for supplies to live in it.

    On gold and silver, High says never mind the recent price drop. High says, “They’re real money, always have been, and you are going to need it. . . . How can it be silly to hold real money? Americans are going to have to face up to the fact that we have been deluded by a propaganda press that was attempting to sow a particular viewpoint around the world.  We tried to conquer the world with dollars and the threat of bullets . . . . Our dollars were accepted all around the world, and people gave us real stuff for those green pieces of paper.  They’re not going to do that anymore.  So, if you want that coconut from Malaysia . . . you are going to have to pay something that has value.  Those little green pieces of paper will not after a short period of time.  They are going to have value inside the country for a while, but outside the country, people are going to say I want gold or silver or oil.  I want to see something of value.”

    High can’t name a price for gold and silver, but his “predictive linguistics” says, “At some point in 2017, probably past mid-year, we’re going to be looking at hyperinflation so bad that the DOW will be measured around $100,000 to $125,000. Meaning, the dollar will be so worthless that it will take $125,000 to buy the little basket that is the DOW.  I also have language that says an ounce of gold will be approaching the DOW in terms of value.  This is not ludicrous.  In the last depression in 1933 and 1934, after the shutting of the banks . . . we had a point where gold and the DOW were the same, and gold dominated the DOW for decades.”


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Gutless, Cowardly Mainstream Media


  • Gutless, Cowardly Mainstream Media
    by Chip McLean, November 12, 2016,
    The mainstream media – that same MSM that was so in the tank for Hillary – has proven again how blatantly one-sided their “coverage” of events has been.

    The same MSM that skewed the polls by oversampling Democrats are also the same ones that consistently tried to tar middle class Americans by calling them “racists”, “bigots”, “xenophobes”, “misogynists” and so forth.

    Even when they weren’t saying so or implying it themselves, they were constantly interviewing all the usual race-baiting suspects to call Donald Trump and his followers “Nazis”, “KKKers” and that Trump was “Hitler”. They even let their “guests” say or imply that Trump supporters would be in favor of lynchings – without challenging these outrageous statements whatsoever.

    Then there was Hillary Clinton herself, who referred to Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables”. Let’s not forget that when violence broke out at some Trump rallies earlier this year, the MSM blamed Trump supporters when we all knew these were professional left-wing agitators.

    This was proven to be absolutely the truth through the videos from Project Veritas. Due to the excellent, and courageous work of James O’Keefe’s organization, Democrat operatives with deep ties to Hillary Clinton and George Soros were exposed plotting to violently disrupt Trump rallies.

    The MSM’s “journalists” never questioned this narrative that Trump and his supporters were “haters” and “violent”. It is obvious to all with a functioning brain that the truth is quite the opposite.

    Now that Trump has been elected, we are witnessing thousands of “loving”, “peaceful” left-wingers wreaking havoc in cities across the nation. There’s been looting, burning, destruction of property and violence.

    And now comes word of a violent incident in Chicago where a black mob was videoed assaulting an older white man – hitting and kicking him repeatedly, and dragging him through the streets. Their motive was that he was a “Trump” voter – whether he was or wasn’t isn’t known but it was their excuse to engage in senseless violence.

    read more.

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The Clintons and Soros Launch America’s Purple Revolution


  • The Clintons and Soros launch America’s Purple Revolution
    by WAYNE MADSEN | 11.11.2016 |
    Defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is not about to «go quietly into that good night». On the morning after her surprising and unanticipated defeat at the hands of Republican Party upstart Donald Trump, Mrs. Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, entered the ball room of the art-deco New Yorker hotel in midtown Manhattan and were both adorned in purple attire. The press immediately noticed the color and asked what it represented. Clinton spokespeople claimed it was to represent the coming together of Democratic «Blue America» and Republican «Red America» into a united purple blend. This statement was a complete ruse as is known by citizens of countries targeted in the past by the vile political operations of international hedge fund tycoon George Soros.

    The Clintons, who both have received millions of dollars in campaign contributions and Clinton Foundation donations from Soros, were, in fact, helping to launch Soros’s «Purple Revolution» in America. The Purple Revolution will resist all efforts by the Trump administration to push back against the globalist policies of the Clintons and soon-to-be ex-President Barack Obama. The Purple Revolution will also seek to make the Trump administration a short one through Soros-style street protests and political disruption.

    It is doubtful that President Trump’s aides will advise the new president to carry out a diversionary criminal investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s private email servers and other issues related to the activities of the Clinton Foundation, especially when the nation faces so many other pressing issues, including jobs, immigration, and health care. However, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz said he will continue hearings in the Republican-controlled Congress on Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and Mrs. Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin. President Trump should not allow himself to be distracted by these efforts. Chaffetz was not one of Trump’s most loyal supporters.

    America’s globalists and interventionists are already pushing the meme that because so many establishment and entrenched national security and military «experts» opposed Trump’s candidacy, Trump is «required» to call on them to join his administration because there are not enough such «experts» among Trump’s inner circle of advisers. Discredited neo-conservatives from George W. Bush’s White House, such as Iraq war co-conspirator Stephen Hadley, are being mentioned as someone Trump should have join his National Security Council and other senior positions. George H. W. Bush’s Secretary of State James Baker, a die-hard Bush loyalist, is also being proffered as a member of Trump’s White House team. There is absolutely no reason for Trump to seek the advice from old Republican fossils like Baker, Hadley, former Secretaries of State Rice and Powell, the lunatic former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, and others. There are plenty of Trump supporters who have a wealth of experience in foreign and national security matters, including those of African, Haitian, Hispanic, and Arab descent and who are not neocons, who can fill Trump’s senior- and middle-level positions.

    read more.


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Flashback: Paris Terror Attacks Ordered By The Committee Of 300

  • Paris Terror Attacks Ordered By The Committee Of 300
    by The Millennium Report 
    Fake False Flag Operation Fabricated To Advance 3 Primary NWO Goals
    All Synthetic Terrorism Originates from within theAnglo-American Axis,
    Coordinated by a Covert Nexus of CIA, MI6, DGSE and MOSSAD,
    Carried out by Deep Cover Black Op Terror Cells

    A close reading of Dr. John Coleman’s  Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of The Committee of 300, which was written in 1991, is absolutely necessary if one is to have a correct understanding of current world events.  The exposé that follows is not only highly prophetic in the overall movement of the ‘global village’ toward a New World Order, it also predicts the precise road map to a pre-planned One World Government.

    There are numerous strategies and countless tactics that are routinely employed by the shadowy group known as The Committee of 300 (COM300).  This clandestine organization of Illuminati-deputized power-players has been operating for decades as a de facto World Shadow Government (WSG).  They are by no means the top decision-makers of the globalist cabal who operate at the peak of the world’s power structure; rather, they are only the public face who are often seen and heard in the CIA-controlled mainstream media (MSM) and national governments of select Western powers.

    Those “numerous strategies and countless tactics” can now be viewed throughout the world on a daily basis as the multi-century plan to foist a One World Government on the world community of nations enters its final stages.  The recent false flag terror attacks in Paris provide a perfect demonstration of the latest attempt by the The Committee of 300 to accelerate their NWO scheme.  Those fake terrorist attacks on Friday the 13th were fabricated for multiple reasons, but there are three which stand out and must NOT be taken lightly.  The 3 most important reasons are as follows:

     — To completely lock down Paris before the historic 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which will take place from November 30 through December 11.  The importance of totally controlling a purposefully oppressive environment in Paris during this conference cannot be overemphasized.  The meticulously engineered outcomes at the upcoming “Climate Summit”, which have been preordained by The Committee of 300,  will not be denied their agents who are working triple time sub rosa.  Nothing less than a Global CO2 Management Regime (aka incipient One World Government) will be accepted.   Every aspect of the climate conference has been fastidiously controlled down to the very last detail.  Quite frankly, if the vast majority of the attendees knew some of those details, they would be sure not to show up.

    read more.
The Illuminati Organization Chart. Source:

The Illuminati Organization Chart. Source:

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