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Putin Ally Ends Russia WW3 Fears Declaring ‘Peace on Planet Earth’ with President Trump

  • Can/Will Trump put an end to the western Illuminati’s WW3 plan? His words indicate that he will get along with Russia ie. NO WAR! All we need to do is to observe what happens now to 20 Jan 2017 inauguration day. The western Illuminati, IMO, will very likely push for WW3 before Trump takes over. There are people who are of the opinion that Trump is just another Illuminati puppet. I won’t exclude that possibility. But I think it is highly unlikely. If he is JFK’ed we will know that he is not. If WW3 starts before 20 Jan 2017, we can conclude that he is not.
  • Putin Ally Ends Russia WW3 Fears Declaring ‘Peace on Planet Earth’ with President Trump
    by DARREN HUNT,  
    DONALD Trump being elected President of the US will end World War Three fears with Russia and lead to world peace, according to a reported ally of Vladimir Putin.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky, 70, who is the leader of the third biggest party in Russian politics, claimed if Hillary Clinton was be elected it could lead to a global military conflict. The Ultra-Nationalist leader warned Americans in a clip, shown on CNN, saying: “They are voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump, but if they vote for Hillary it is war.” “If Hillary Clinton wins it will be the last US President ever,” he warned.

    Mr Zhirinovsky claimed in the video Mrs Clinton “craves power” and would have created panic if she had been elected. The footage comes days after senator Marco Rubio claimed if Russian authorities tried to interfere with the US presidential election, they should face the consequences. Mr Rubio, a senator from Florida said: “Obviously, I want to win my reelection. And I don’t want Hillary Clinton to get elected.

    “But more important than all of that, in my mind, is that America have elections that everyone can look at and say this is a legitimate election and we acknowledge the results.”

    His comments followed cyber attacks, allegedly instigated by Russia, on Democrat party emails which were leaked to publishers such as WikiLeaks and DC Leaks.

    Tensions between the two nations have been at a heightened level since Nato put troops on ‘high alert’ amid fears of confrontation with Russia.

    Mr Zhirinovsky, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, now believes a peaceful relationship can be built between Russia and the new US president.

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