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Warning!! S&P Futures Dive 3.14%, Nasdaq Futures Down 3.40%, Gold Surge US$30 (2.4%) … Smells Like Victory for Trump!

Click on image to goto live chart.

  • I hope everyone is prepared for a meltdown eventuality. Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter in their latest interview (with Greg Hunter) which I posted a few days back said (paraphrasing) : “Financial market may go into lock down mode by Monday, should Trump win!!” Ie. the financial system, banking system, stock market … may not open. And it could reverberate worldwide!
  • I believe the Illuminati will use the opportunity to trigger a global economic, financial and currency meltdown. I may be wrong but can you afford to suffer the consequences should I be proven right? S&P500 and Nasdaq both down 4% as I type this. Fast moving market.


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