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Hillary Clinton Will Start World War III

  • Hillary Clinton Will Start World War III
    This editorial appears in the November 4, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.
    Nov. 1—Throughout her campaign for President of the United States, Hillary Clinton has seized upon every opportunity to demonize Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin. She has accused him of interfering in the U.S. presidential elections through sophisticated cyber-warfare. She has accused Putin and Russia of plotting an invasion and reconquest of the three Baltic States, which all happen to be members of the NATO Alliance. She has accused Putin and Russia of grabbing the Crimea and of plotting to take over eastern Ukraine, totally ignoring the fact that her longtime protege, Victoria Nuland, oversaw the bloody Maidan coup that installed a Banderist, pro-fascist regime in power in Kiev. She has charged Russia with war crimes and other atrocities in Syria, as the Obama Administration, in which she served, backs jihadists from Al Qaeda and allied foreign terrorist groups in their grab for power in Damascus.

    Clinton and her campaign surrogates have even accused Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump of being a KGB dupe or asset, simply on the basis of the GOP nominee’s pledge to negotiate with Russia, and his acknowledgement that Putin is a strong leader—something that Clinton herself seems to be acknowledging, given her larger-than-life accusations that the Russian leader is out to conquer the world.

    All of this would be tragi-comic, were it not for the real-world consequences. If Hillary Clinton is elected President on Nov. 8, there is a greatly heightened probability that her actions will rapidly lead to confrontation with Russia—and that will assuredly lead to World War III, a war fought on a global scale with thermonuclear weapons, meaning the end of life on Earth as we know it.

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