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Will The EU Survive The Year? Crisis-Plagued Bloc Faces EXISTENTIAL Crisis in 2017


  • Will The EU Survive The Year? Crisis-Plagued Bloc Faces EXISTENTIAL Crisis in 2017
    THE EU is facing multiple existential crises and the future of the Brussels bloc could hinge on the fate of the French, German and Dutch elections in 2017.

    Euroscepticism, partly fuelled by Britain’s historic vote to leave the EU, is running high in all three nations currently. And according to a respected German journalist, the continued existence of the EU is in jeopardy.

    Malte Lehming, the opinion page editor at Der Tagesspiegel, told DW: “The pessimist in this case [of the EU’s future] is the well-informed realist. “The crisis is not just a singular crisis – we have multiple crises.” “We have the refugee crisis, a split in Europe about what to do with a million refugees it is still unresolved. “We have thousands of refugees still coming over the Mediterranean to the southern shores of Italy and nobody knows how to really make a difference between migrants and refugees.

    “We have the Ukraine crisis, we have the unresolved Greek debt crisis.” In a damning indictment of the leadership of Europe, Lehming said there was “no clear will” to resolve the issues facing the EU.

    Next year will see national elections in Germany, France and the Netherlands – three critical nations which form the core of the EU. Eurosceptic and right wing parties such as Marine le Pen’s National Front, the Alternative for Germany and Geert Wilders’ Dutch Party for Freedom have all frequently promoted anti-EU messages. Last month Ms Le Pen vowed to hold a referendum to decide whether France remains in the EU if she becomes president.

    Citing the UK’s example she told the European parliament: “Brexit has really broken a taboo. The Brits have shown us that you can leave the European Union and you can come out better.

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Out of this coming collapse, the endtimes 10 Horn Beast empire will appear. Click on image for article.

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