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Russia and the West: How Close Are We to WW3?

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  • Russia and the West: How Close Are We to WW3?
    This week John sits down with Professor Edward Lozansky to discuss the breakdown in relations between Russia and the West. How have we arrived at this point? And what needs to be happen if we are to resolve a crisis that now threatens to spiral out of control?

    With relations between the US and Russia arguably at an all time low, John asks Professor Edward Lozansky, President and founder of the American University in Moscow how they could have deteriorated so badly.  The ideology of the Cold War period has been abandoned and yet there is just as little trust, if not less, between the two sides than there was during the Soviet Union.

    In this enlightening interview, Professor Lozansky shares his insight into the last two decades of Russian-US relations, including conversations had with last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and sheds light on the obstacles hampering cooperation. We also take to the streets of Edinburgh to ask the public for their view on the subject. Hard Facts is aired every Wednesday.

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