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Philippine President Calls on US Troops to Withdraw Again And Threatens to Nullify Military Deal with US

  • Duterte is not backing down because he knows the war plans of the US-Pentagram against China. The Philippines will be used as cannon fodder in this coming war and Duterte wants a 100% break away from US to prevent it.
  • Published on Oct 25, 2016
    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte calls for the withdrawal of US troops from his country. Duterte has threatened to nullify a military agreement with Washington if he stays in power. The Filipino president reiterated that he’s against the presence of any foreign troops in the country. He said the idea includes the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement with the US as well. The deal allows Washington to have troops inside the Philippines for extended stays and use the country’s military bases. The Philippines has long been a key US ally in Southeast Asia, but Duterte has done a dramatic U-turn since coming to office in late June. His rejection of the US ties reached a culmination last week when he declared a “separation” from the US. He then traveled to China in a strategic move, pledging to mend ties with Beijing.

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US-Pentagram: “Start the war with China A**HOLE!” Duterte: “Piss off SCUM!” US-Pentagram: “Don’t forget typhoon HaiYan(2013). Don’t forget the Muslim(CIA) terrorists/insurgents in Southern Philippines!”. Duterte: “Burn in HELL SCUM!” Click on image for article.

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