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World War 3 With Russia Could Start Over Clinton’s Proposed No-Fly Zone In Syria, Says Historian

  • World War 3 With Russia Could Start Over Clinton’s Proposed No-Fly Zone In Syria, Says Historian
    by Zachary Volkert,  
    Tensions between the United States and Russia have unleashed a flurry of World War 3 theories that have come to the forefront of the final weeks of the 2016 elections.

    Questions raised about America’s future relationship with Russia have ranged from cyber-espionage threats to the continuing dispute over Crimea, but perhaps no world issue has been as central to the unfolding drama as the War in Syria. As Russia backs President Bashar Hafez al-Assad, the U.S. arms Syrian rebel forces fighting against him — both sides ostensibly only making direct attacks on Islamic extremist groups in the area. Each nation has separately accused the other of breaking this pact, even to the point of using the phrase “war crimes,” reported the New Yorker.

    Gerald Horne, the history chair at the University of Houston, recently sat down with Russia Today to discuss how he sees Hillary Clinton’s proposed policies playing out in Syria — particularly in the case of a no-fly zone that he says could spark the beginning of World War 3.

    “When Secretary Clinton talks about establishing a no-fly zone in Syria, she is basically saying that if she’s sworn in to the highest office in the land, in January 2017, she will be challenging Russian jets over Syria. This is a direct provocation. It could easily devolve into World War 3. I’m very much concerned about the hawkish language coming out of Washington that in a very cavalier fashion is talking about confronting and challenging Moscow, a major nuclear power.”

    ‘s interview with Horne largely centered around the fact that Clinton still sees the U.S. as the top dog in the world hegemony, somewhere she seems to think it belongs due to its “exceptional” nature. It’s the kind of rhetoric, Horne said, that no doubt irritates other countries that also think of themselves as exceptional — a concept echoed by Russian officials who think the U.S. is not judged for its role in foreign conflict the same way as its enemies.

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