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The Next Event Is Building And Ready To Explode Like A Volcano

  • Published on Oct 19, 2016
    Protests are continuing around the world against TTIP and CETA. The Philippines just signed on with China, the pivot is complete. Paid mercenaries are entering Ukraine, the war is being prepped and readied. US pushing NK to react and the US says if NK decided to use their weapons the US will respond. US states that the IS will use chemical weapons in Iraq, this will be used to cover up the move from Iraq to Syria. Russia’s warships are on their way to Syria. Russia and Syria are now in a ceasefire but the UN will not deliver aid. The US blames Russia but it is the terrorists that are stopping deliveries. The West veto’s Russia’s UN draft to separate the moderate rebels from the terrorists. The next event is building and ready to go off.


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