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Some US Politicians ‘Spoiling for’ Direct Confrontation with Russia: Analyst

  • Some US Politicians ‘Spoiling for’ Direct Confrontation with Russia: Analyst
    A former US Senate policy adviser says certain politicians in the US are fanning the flames of a potential confrontation with Russia to pursue their domestic and international interests.

    “We are now looking at the very real prospect of a confrontation between American and Russian forces, something we managed to avoid during the Cold War,” James Jatras told Press TV’s “The Debate” program late Thursday night.

    “And frankly, I think there are people in this town – Washington – that are spoiling for that confrontation. They’re confident the Russians won’t back down,” he said.  According to the analyst, the US administration has made no real achievement by pressing for a regime change in Syria. Washington, he said, is seeking to put Takfiri terrorists in power in Syria.

    “The Obama administration is supporting Wahhabist terrorist groups in Syria under the pretense of fighting them,” Jatras said, citing US “inability” to separate so-called moderate militants from terrorists. On Thursday, US State Department spokesman John Kirby said Washington was “looking at the full range of options” against the Syrian army which is fighting to drive Takfiri terrorists out of Aleppo.

    The Russian military strongly warned the United States against striking the Syrian army, calling on Washington “to carefully weigh possible consequences of the fulfillment of such plans.”

    A US air raid on Syrian army positions near Dayr al-Zawr killed 83 Syrian soldiers on Sept. 17, with Moscow and Damascus both rejecting the US explanation that the attack was a mistake.

    Peter Sinnott, an independent scholar, blamed Moscow for the rise of tensions between the United States and Russia. “There is a sense of Cold War reemerging. This is a unilateral move by Russia and it’s been set by conditions – conditions that are very unrealistic,” Sinnott said. He claimed that the Russians were taking advantage of “American weakness” during the US presidential election campaign to support Syrian army advancements, especially in Aleppo.


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