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Mike Maloney: Worst Crash of All Coming! Gold and Silver Will Take a Moon Shot in Next War

  • Mike Maloney: Worst Crash of All Coming! Gold and Silver Will Take a Moon Shot in Next War
    by Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)
    Gold and silver expert Mike Maloney has been producing an internet series called “The Hidden Secrets of Money.” His latest is episode seven in this ongoing series, and it gives a stark warning about “The USA’s Day of Reckoning.” Maloney explains, “Watch episode seven if you want to see the future.  I was very accurate in predicting the crash of 2008 and the consequences of it.  I believe the rest of my predictions that did not come true have not come true—yet.  They are about to.  Episode seven is the USA’s day of reckoning. . . . It’s going to be devastating for most people. . . . I believe there is going to be an enormous wealth transfer. It is up to every individual whether that wealth is transferred away from them or towards them.  Sometimes the wealth transfer goes from 100 people to one or 1,000 people to one.  This time, it’s going to be hundreds of thousands to one.  There are going to be very few big winners and a whole lot of losers.”

    The biggest problem? Maloney says it’s debt, and lots of it.  Maloney contends, “The world is awash in debt.  The first crash in 2000 was a stock market crash.  In 2007 and 2008, we had a stock market and real estate crash and implosion.  In 2016 or 2017, we are going to be having stocks, real estate and bonds all crashing because this is a perfect convergence.  Ben Bernanke created an extra 400% of base currency to the money supply.  This crash is going to be deflationary, and it will be true deflation.  That is because of the psychology behind it. . . .  Our monetary system cannot stand deflation.  If you go into deflation, it is possible for the currency supply to go into a deflationary implosion. . . .  The entire world always has to go deeper and deeper and deeper into debt to keep this Ponzi scheme of a monetary system going.  If we don’t, it implodes. . . . This next crash is going to be devastating because it will be stocks, real estate and bonds (all at the same time).  This is going to be the worst crash of all.”

    On gold and silver and its recent take down? Maloney says don’t worry, precious metals prices are going higher, much higher.  Maloney says, “Gold is real money, and it has stored value throughout the centuries.  Silver is also real money, and it is the money of the common man.  Silver has been used in more transactions that any other medium of exchange throughout history.  I expect if we get into a major war, you are going to see gold and silver take a moon shot.  One of the things that some commentators have said is this will unfold very slowly until the day that it doesn’t.  Then it’s going to happen very fast.  I believe that is one of the things that we are in for.  You are going to see gold just take off and not look back, and silver is going with it.  Also, silver will most likely outperform gold by quite a factor.”


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