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Washington, Moscow Nearing Ultimate Conflict: Pundit


  • Washington, Moscow Nearing Ultimate Conflict: Pundit
    Political analyst Alex Christoforou believes that the situation in Syria and Ukraine is proof that the United States and Russia are heading towards the ultimate conflict.

    “We are moving towards a conflict between the United States and Russia and that would be NATO and Russia. Ukraine and Syria are both examples of the US ratcheting up the need for conflict with Russia,” said Alex Christoforou, a writer and political commentator with, in an interview with Press TV.

    Russia has announced the deployment of Iskander-M missile systems in the westernmost region of Kaliningrad, near its border with Baltic countries and NATO member states. Kaliningrad is sandwiched between Lithuania to the north and east, and Poland to the south. The Baltic Sea is on the region’s west.

    Meanwhile, Poland and Lithuania have expressed concern over the move, asking NATO members to protest. Lithuania argues that  some modifications of Iskander missiles can hit targets as far as 700 kilometers, which means they could reach the German capital Berlin from Kaliningrad.

    “Russia is moving missiles within its own territory,” Christoforou said. “Every sovereign nation has the right to do such a thing.”

    He also opined that Russia is merely responding to the provocative military drills that the US and its NATO allies have been conducting along the the Russian borders since they led the coup in Ukraine.

    “So, this is just part of a planned military training. Russians are moving missiles within their own territory. That cannot be stressed enough. But you see how Lithuania, Poland, and the United States are rephrasing the narrative to say it’s once again Russian aggression, Russian hostility. This is all part of an ever-escalating, an ever-dangerous Russophobia that’s just really being spread irresponsibly,” Christoforou concluded.


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