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Rob Kirby: Any of These Triggers Can Cause Global Financial Meltdown. You’ll Wish You Had Prepared

  • Published on Oct 5, 2016
    Europe’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank, is on the ropes and Germany vowing not to bail it out. Like the Lehman 2008 collapse, will Deutsche Bank’s derivative web pull down the rest of Europe and the world’s banking system with it? Proprietary precious metals and markets analyst Rob Kirby also weighs in on which nation have accumulated the critical mass of gold to emerge as global leaders after the looming crisis. Kirby updates his views on the U.S. Presidential race and what it reveals about the epic struggle of globalist powers vs. the sovereignty of nations unfolding before our eyes!

    * Deutsche Bank failing, can’t pay its fines, Germany won’t bail it out.
      “As goes Deutsche Bank, so goes Europe & the rest of the world”?
    * Germany is pivoting towards the East, US is sending a message in return.
    * Banks are highly interconnected: difference between DB & Top 5 American banks is mostly just who they report to.
    * US Banks under Fed, US regulators allow unsavory behavior in the name of national security.
    * US picking a war in Syria – going up against Putin, not in the interest of American people, who’s pulling the strings? Only serving globalist cause.
    * Globalists: eugenics, reduce human population, one world government, contempt for humanity.
    * Nationalism manifesting itself in the Brexit, groundswell of support for Donald Trump.
    * Even hearing globalism in the mainstream press!
    * Who’s got the gold? Before and after 2008 collapse, central banks went from not accumulating gold to rapidly accumulating gold, especially China and Russia. Whatever the trigger for an economic reset, what difference will it make which.
    * Overriding of Obama veto on 9/11 victims’ rights bill is a tipping point. This is the first time Obama veto has been overturned by both House & Senate.
    * 28-pages of 9/11 Commission report indicated Saudi financing.
    * Saudis have warned US that they may start selling oil not is US dollars.
    * Wikileaks dump may be a game-changer.
    * The current US Political and media circus is an insult to the office of the Presidency, and to the good people of the United States.
    * Regardless of where the system will come apart, what can the ordinary person do to take care of themselves and their family?
    * The volcano is rumbling, spewing ash and steam.. We are very close to a life-changing upset in our capital markets.. Don’t move closer, back away and take basic steps:

    Precious metals, arable land, stored for and water, home protection, relationships with other like-minded people in community, get your spiritual life in order – rather than relying on materialism or entertainment distractions. Do it now!


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