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US Ambassador to UN Hints at Removal of Russia From Security Council Over Syria



  • Samantha Power is a pathological lying snake. Syria DID NOT attack America nor the West. Syria HAS NOT threatened American nor western interests. So why is America and the west invading Syria and waging a war of aggression against Syria? The deployment of western forces on Syrian territory is ILLEGAL under international law.
  • The United Nations is a tool, a creation of the Anglo-American western Illuminati.
  • US Ambassador to UN Hints at Removal of Russia From Security Council Over Syria
    The US Ambassador to the United Nations claims that Russia is responsible for the horrors that have descended upon Syria, but remained silent about the 1.5 million civilians whose water was shut off by US-backed rebels.

    The United States Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power blamed Russia for the surge in violence in Syria after the ceasefire agreement collapsed last week following a US-led airstrike in Deir Ez-Zor that killed 62 Syrian Army soldiers and left scores injured causing fighting to intensify to a breaking point.

    Russia points to the over 300 ceasefire violations by US-backed Syrian rebels in the first days of the ceasefire and the refusal of the so-called ‘moderates’ to adhere to the conditions of the agreement forged by Russia and the United States which called for the rebels to disassociate with the terror group Al-Nusra Front, Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate until a recent rebrand.

    The United Nations Security Council met on Sunday at the request of the US, Britain and France to discuss the deteriorating situation in the city of Aleppo as the Assad government escalated airstrikes in an effort to tighten the siege and break a longstanding stalemate with the opposition rebels. On Thursday, the rebels allege that the Syrian Army Air Force struck a facility compromising the water supply for some 250,000 residents of rebel-held East Aleppo.

    In an unprecedented act of terroristic reprisal the rebels shut off the water supply for 1.5 million residents in government controlled West Aleppo causing an almost unheard of humanitarian toll with UNICEF raising the alarm of an imminent danger of mass childhood fatalities if desperate families are forced to drink contaminated water.

    Despite the nuance of the situation, Samantha Power barreled in with accusations against Moscow saying, “What Russia is sponsoring and doing is not counter-terrorism, it is barbarism.”

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Who is the aggressor?

Who is the aggressor?




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